Some users don't know much when buying handbags and often they are confused when ordering handbags from online stores.

Most frequent questions are what is the difference of genuine leather satchel handbags vs faux satchel handbags? Well, obviously genuine leather means they are real leather.

Unlike faux leather satchel handbags. Faux is another way to say it is not real. Faux is an imitation of leather, it is synthetic.

There are many types of faux leather satchel handbags some of them are poor quality others are very good quality and in times they can be deceiving from a real one.

I guess when looking for a satchel handbag makes sure you are aware of what you are buying.  The keyword is faux leather satchel handbags. When you see a satchel handbag with any label as faux leather; it simply means it is not real leather.

Of course, the price of a real leather satchel handbag can also make a big difference and perhaps you can tell by the price. Real leather will cost 3 times more vs a faux leather this is the reason why branded satchel handbags are priced $300, to $5000.00, here you ar looking at the quality and also the designer. The choice is yours.