Invest your Bitcoins

Buying Bitcoins and holding it can make you money if the price goes up, but also can make you lose a lot of money if the price goes down.  Investing your Bitcoin by lending it can certainly ensure it continues making profits.

The question is, how do you invest your Bitcoins?

There are many Bitcoin investment platforms out there but not many you can trust. There is one platform in which we actively do our Bitcoin investment  and that is Bitconnect. is a great source of info regarding Bitcoin investment. There are some good tutorials exclusively demonstrating how you can do your Bitcoin investment buy using one of the best platforms out there.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

The time came and now you are ready to buy your bitcoins, but there is still a challenge of where to start...Bitcoin meant to be fast and flexible and anonymous at some point but buying it can be a dilemma.

Why people want to buy bitcoins with PayPal?

Buying bitcoins with PayPal is actually a necessity but not just a necessity it is the most convenient way, easier and faster than a bank transfer. Yes, most Bitcoin dealers allow you to do bank transfer but that can take days; unlike buying bitcoins with PayPal it is a matter of minutes.

Buying bitcoins with PayPal saves you time because your financial information is already verified therefore bitcoin dealers allows your transaction to take place almost instantly. There is, however, some bitcoin dealers may limit the amount of your transaction when you buy bitcoins with PayPal it is of course due to security reasons.

When you perform more transactions, they will increase the limit and your bitcoin buying experience with PayPal will go more smoothly.

Website not found on Google

Not many people ask why my website is not found on Google. In reality most business owners perhaps don't care about their websites; most believe that you build it and they will come.

Every successful websites require and must follow the standards established by Google. Unfortunately 80% of websites do not meet these requirements and they become failure. Every websites require website digital marketing in order to succeed.